Three years CMBC with deals for BGN 3.5 billion
 24.10.2019 17:57

The Centralized Market for Bilateral Contracts (CMBC), operated by the Independent Bulgarian energy Exchange (IBEX), was launched on 24th October 2016 starting with the Auctions screen and followed by the Continuous trading screen a couple of months later. The participants on this market platform have the opportunity to trade long-term products with different load profiles and delivery periods.

"We are working for the development of a reliable and transparent platform for trading of long-term products that ensures equality of all market participants and guarantees the confidentiality of their trading strategies. I thank the entire IBEX team and our Market Participants for the dedication," said IBEX Executive Director Konstantin Konstantinov.

Currently on the CMBC there are 62 participants and their number is constantly increasing. Among them besides the large state-owned energy producers are producers of renewable energy, as well as local and international traders and large industrial consumers.

For the three years operation of CMBC the total traded electricity volume on both screens amounted up to 41,7 TWh and the value of all concluded trades is 3,455  billion leva.

The number of organized auctions is 640 and the largest monthly volume traded in December last year amounts to 4 191 805 MWh.

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