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UMM details
Inactive - Planned - HPP_SANDANSKABIS
Message ID0000000000000000000000456_001
Event statusInactive
Type of UnavailibilityPlanned
Type of EventProduction unavailability
Publication date/time2022/09/20 13:39
Event Start (ЕЕТ)2022/09/23 07:30
Event Stop (ЕЕТ)2022/09/26 18:00
Unit of MeasurementMW
Unavailable Capacity, MW22
Available Capacity, MW34
Installed Capacity in MW, MW56
Reason for the UnavailabillityReplacement of the power transformer and cleaning of the upper equalising basin.
Fuel TypeHydro Wather
Bidding Zone10YCA-BULGARIA-R
Affected Asset or UnitHPP_SANDANSKABIS
Unit EIC Code32X0011001000193
Market participantEnergo-Pro Bulgaria EAD
Market Participant ACER CodeA0003908U.BG

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